Monday, April 29, 2013

We are blessed:)

Thinking for a moment on the many blessings our family has had over the last two years! We are eternally grateful. Taylor's heart surgery went well. And with a new full size cow valve she can out run almost anyone:) Summer had a complete removal of her brain Tumors and is an amazing wife, daughter, mother and friend- and can still talk up a storm. Lots of blessings from crashes on bikes! We actually felt your prayers hold us up physically, ate your wonderful meals and continue to gratefully watch as neighbors and friends lend a helping hand. As Mothers day in 2013 approaches, I am one thankful Mother. We all have a new outlook on life. I enjoy my children, come what may, I will never take them for granted. We think these moments last, make every moment count! I am so very proud of my Son in Laws and the amazing way they lead their young families. Holding the Priesthood has been and will always be the power of life eternal. Happy Mothers day to my Mother! She is an angel on earth. We have been show the right way by her perfect example. Happy Mothers Day to Summer and Season. My Girls are wonderful mothers! And I get to talk with Elder Konnor Hall on Mothers day. This will be a day of gratitude for me. I can't wait:)

Elder Konnor Hall-Minnesota is lucky! 4/25/2013

It is an awesome day! The snow is pretty much gone. It is seventy degrees out. We have been doing a lot of biking. It is pretty good. Elder Cluff keeps wrecking his bike though. Man mothers day is kind of soon. But Thats weird. My week has gone pretty good. We had 7 people to church. That was really cool.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July

We love to celebrate the Fourth of July with my Mom and Dad at Oakridge Country club. Thanks you so much for another fun holiday!

Friday, June 4, 2010


The pressure was on Bryson, as his daughter was awarded the third place girl finisher in a Draper Race Memorial day weekend, way to go Bryson you finished well.

14 Perry Skyler 9 & Under
1 Perry Bryson Pro Racer

Clean Garage

Hey Friends and Family,

After many months of not posting an update, you may assume I have a very important announcement!

You would be right, I came home from work to a spotless Garage, and for some reason this really makes me feel wonderful! Few things in life are better.

Thank you Kevin, Colby, Konnor and Sharwan.

And my day was complete to hear little Eleanor say my name:) "Bonka" She talks well and has quite a repertoire along with a myriad of animal sounds.

I hope you are all well and those you love are productive and happy.

We feel very blessed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a year 2009 has turned out to be!

Eleanor was sealed to the Everton's in the New Port Beach Temple.

Olive and Eleanor were blessed together in New Port Beach California!

Missionaries do return, I was beginning to wonder, and Elder Colby Hall returned October 13th at 2:08 pm.

Bryson and Kevin did the Leadville 100. For the rest of this story, Bryson was featured in the Movie "Race Across the Sky" with none other than Lance Armstrong. On a very cold day in Colorado.

We are both working long and hard!

The Hall's feel grateful for friends and family who are the light of our lives. I am ever grateful for the many kind acts others do for us. And I hope all who read this know how much we love you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's new at the Hall home? May 2009

Four years of work have just produced THE BOOK, called Aspire by Kevin Hall. Thanks to Lee Benson for pulling this book patiently out of Kevin. Thanks to all those who have kept us alive and helped with editing:) Thanks to all who have traveled to Sun Valley and Restaurant Leadership Conference! Thanks to David Jobe for the opportunities of a lifetime and for giving Kevin an impossible deadline and supporting Kevin continuously to get it done! Thanks to Mike and Michelle for ALL YOUR HELP. I promise we did not know you would become a fullfillment house with books piled up in your garage. Thanks to Aurthur for being the Master of Words. Thanks to Stephen Covey for the Forward to Aspire. And thank you to Margret McBride for being the perfect Book Agent and giving those suggestions which make the book special. Thanks to all who help meet the printing deadline, we are amazed with you. Most of all thanks to Kevin who has lived with no more than 3 hours of sleep a night for months. Kevin you Inspire me.

Sherry has a new job with School Improvement Network. I am trying to skill up. I love the challenge. With beautiful Olive coming into the world just weeks ago. It was fun to start working, head to the Restaurant Leadership Conference, next off To California to help for a few days. Back to work, Summer had Knee surgery and we played all weekend with the Perry family children. The greatest Mothers day, we had a house full and spoke with Elder Colby Hall. Colby sounds so happy and is having much success. I screamed when I heard his voice. Colby's cousin Erik Hansen received his call to the Belgium Brussels Mission, French speaking. So the two boys can speak some rough French when they are together again. Starr finished Finals and State Boards. Yeah Starr, we are so proud of you. Konnor is looking for a summer job, Sharwan is still playing soccer for Sparta and playing her Violin.

We have 5 awesome grand children now and they are the love of Bonka and Pa Pa's life.

Happy Mothers Day to all you women who make this world go round.
If you want something done ask a mother.

May all your dreams come true. Keep the Faith.