Monday, April 29, 2013

We are blessed:)

Thinking for a moment on the many blessings our family has had over the last two years! We are eternally grateful. Taylor's heart surgery went well. And with a new full size cow valve she can out run almost anyone:) Summer had a complete removal of her brain Tumors and is an amazing wife, daughter, mother and friend- and can still talk up a storm. Lots of blessings from crashes on bikes! We actually felt your prayers hold us up physically, ate your wonderful meals and continue to gratefully watch as neighbors and friends lend a helping hand. As Mothers day in 2013 approaches, I am one thankful Mother. We all have a new outlook on life. I enjoy my children, come what may, I will never take them for granted. We think these moments last, make every moment count! I am so very proud of my Son in Laws and the amazing way they lead their young families. Holding the Priesthood has been and will always be the power of life eternal. Happy Mothers day to my Mother! She is an angel on earth. We have been show the right way by her perfect example. Happy Mothers Day to Summer and Season. My Girls are wonderful mothers! And I get to talk with Elder Konnor Hall on Mothers day. This will be a day of gratitude for me. I can't wait:)

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